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"Rhyaden is a middle-grade fantasy novel, set in a world where trees talk and the last living dragon mentors a young man who may be his kingdom's only hope for freedom from a tyrannical invasion. A parable about how the choices we make define ourselves and our future, as well as a rousing adventure, Rhyaden is a page-turner to the very end. Highly recommended, especially for public and school library young adult fantasy collections." Childrens Bookwatch August 2018.

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Lost in a puff of his own angry smoke, Michael’s years of experience and his career spiral down the drain. Avoiding further emotional triggers, he chooses to take a cross-country adventure, never suspecting how far into his past he must delve in order to find his future.

Facing the barrel of a gun brings a new perspective to Michael’s journey. The young hoodlums who mug him for drug money, are the catalyst for discovering what he himself must face, if he can survive…

Wait Here Wait There v2
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Wait Here Wait There

Recovery from grief is an enormous process and few of us are prepared for it. Wait Here, Wait There's main character, Janet, stumbles over one of the most crippling aspects of grief, her fear. While trying to deal with her mother's Alzheimer’s disease, Janet finds herself deep in an emotional quagmire, unable to find the peace and healing she so desperately seeks. Alzheimer’s, a hopeless, cruel disease takes a devastating toll.

In Wait Here, Wait There, author Barbara shares from her own experience  the importance of working through grief, guilt, and fear in order to reclaim a healthy life.

““This novel is interesting with some romance, a little mystery…and most of all a realistic view of what families go through caring for loved ones who suffer Alzheimer’s disease.””—June Ruyle, Book Review Editor, The Lamplighter.


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