Climbing High

Two days of rain, glorious rain. Not a drowning downpour, no flooding, just beneficial moisture that came mannerly and kindly so the earth could soak it up. The slope in my backyard that gets so dry in summer is happy. My tulips are happy. The budding aspen trees are happy. As soon as the sun comes out, everything is going to burst out of those final layers that protect new growth from late frost. They won’t be able to help themselves. Spring has sprung. 

Nests are being built. Eggs are being laid. Baby bunnies will soon come out of hiding and venture around. Wasps are even buzzing in the warm afternoons. The eternal cycle has begun again. I see bicycles, joggers, and white legs. Driving home from two long days at a conference, I came up to a busy street corner and was delighted by the sight of a mother and father goose with four goslings out for an evening stroll. I got a little concerned  when they attempted to cross the busy street without benefit of a cross-walk. The traffic seemed to deter them and they changed to a route parallel to the street. My light turned green and I had to go on. I hope they made it ok. No way to know.

I drank too much coffee at the conference I guess. Sleep seems to be avoiding me. It’s either that or the inspiration from hearing Jim Davidson speak on his climb up Mt. Everest last year. Wow! Preparation and Perseverance. It was his second try and frankly, I wonder how many would have tried again after the disaster that happened the first time. It is a rather amazing story. Resilience. Patience. Perseverance. Work. He put all of those elements together and made it to the top of the world. Like I said. Wow!IMG_3256

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