Welcome Home!

I got my fingers in the dirt and planted some flowers. Color! That felt good. I walked to the mail box and the delightful smell of blooming Canada Cherry trees stopped me in my tracks. My next book is mapped out. My son-in-law is home from deployment! Welcome Home! (The neighborhood Boy Scouts put up the flags to welcome him home – pretty awesome). Blessings abound.

I am less than two weeks from having a new grand baby. I am excited for the kids and myself, of course, but I am so anxious to see the big sister’s reaction. I expect to have a lot of fun this summer. Now, next summer, when there is a one year old toddler trying to keep up with a three year old dynamo could be a whole other story!

I sent off a Mother’s Day card to my mother. I am still in disbelief that she is 98 and still with us, living at home, no less. Her hearing is failing, so our nightly phone calls have become disheartening. My sister answers the phone now, and that is so not the norm. Mom has been the receptionist at their house for decades. It feels like a step in the wrong direction, but hearing aids are not an option she will entertain. 

It is my opinion that grass grows too fast in the spring. I believe that because I don’t like having to mow too often and here it is time to mow again. Of course, it is also my opinion that grandkids grow too fast. Do you suppose there is a pattern here? It could have something to do with my age, so we aren’t going to go there. At any rate, complaining is not allowed because the lawn is green, the trees are green, and the flowers are blooming. After the grays and browns of winter, mowing the lawn is a price I will pay.IMG_3258

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