Last Monday morning, I got a lot done. I believe it was because I was working off the high from seeing my finished book cover. The cover is awesome! I probably use the word awesomeRhyaden book mark too much, but honestly folks, the cover is magnificent, stellar, great and exciting! Whew! Done! That’s the kind of high I can’t get enough of. An artist out of California did the individual assets (and they are very good), but it was the layout done by my son-in-law Price that made it great! Heady stuff.

We’re a couple short days away from a new grand baby. Also exciting! 

The sun has tried to peek out a couple of times this week, and in response, my purple daisy like flowers in the back yard have unfurled themselves to show their beautiful color instead of hiding, wrapped up in their leaves, trying to stay dry.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day. One of the highlights was a card from my 2 1/5 year old granddaughter entitled “Fun Facts About Grandma.”

Here are some samples off the page – I’m not making these up. They are her responses – written down by her mother.

My grandma’s favorite thing to do is: toys

My grandma’s favorite food is:  cereal and oatmeal  (hum…not so much)

I love it when my grandma:  plays with “arf arf”  (the stuffed dog she confiscated from my house)

My grandma is really great at:  hop scotch 

The one thing I hear my grandma say a lot is: do I need to go potty?

I know my grandma loves me because: she gives me graham crackers

You know folks, I love writing, but my only real goal in life is to leave my grandchildren a good memory with their grandmother. I want them to remember me as the one who got down on the floor with them (and fed them graham crackers). Maybe it’s so important to me because I don’t have a memory like that.

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