My oh my, if I wrote what all has happened in the last week, no one would believe it. Suffice it to say, we are still here, and right now, that is huge.

On the good side, it was like getting two babies within a week. At the beginning was my new granddaughter and at the end was my novel, Rhyaden. The proof is in my hands. In-between was the tough part, but like I said, we are still here.

The kids are back in their own home, trying to catch up, garden, and adjust to two young-ins rather than one. Mama is recovering from her surgery well. Daddy is being a wonderful daddy (or dude as his two and a half-year-old likes to say.) I am just trying to take it all in and enjoy every bit of all of them. 

The quiet house is a sad adjustment. I hate them not being here, even though it means I can write again and do yoga without a two year old on my back during planks. It also means I miss her serenading me, and her belly laugh as she crawls under my belly as I do downward dog. Our daily tea parties on the back patio will be sadly missed. She has become an excellent hostess, developing her fine motor skills as she fills each tiny cup. 

Her daddy set up my small tent in the basement so she could ‘practice’ camping. This is important stuff she is learning! My youngest child and her family are all camping and kayaking this weekend. Summer is such a great time of year. I have a couple of excursions planned for the season, the biggest one is to Montana and Glacier National Park. I cannot wait for that one. Kayaking and hiking and staying in a friend’s cabin. Now who could ask for more than that?IMG_3303

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