Remember how a few years back, I fenced out the bunnies. We had a breach! My son spotted a bunny in the back yard. We jumped into action and back through the hole the bunny ran. Then my son spotted a second one. That one we could not get to go through the hole, or at least we never saw it go through, but we couldn’t find it either. So, I got out the staple gun, fixed the hole and hoped for the best.

Enjoying my coffee the next morning, or about to take my first sip, I saw the second bunny venturing through the newly planted flower bed. I jumped up, went through the garage and opened the front gate. Trying to be sneaky, I slipped into the back yard and chased him around the side yard toward the gate. However, one last obstacle, the air-conditioning unit gave him sanctuary five feet from the gate. Old Mr. McGregor here, put up wire mesh on one side and grabbed a length of one inch hose to poke him out. He’d move, he’d wiggle, but he wouldn’t come out. I put the garden hose on jet stream and blasted away. Nope. I will say, though, he took his shower with dignity. 

Finally, the little guy did give up (or he got tired of being poked) and got out from under the ac. The wire mesh prevented him from returning to the backyard so he scampered the other direction and “ah ha!” saw the open gate and made his dash to freedom – away from the inhospitable lady in a pink bathrobe and wild hair. All’s well that ends well. My front yard has plenty of stuff he can munch on, but the back yard is simply off limits. Rules are rules.DSC_0788

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