In a land where trees talk, the world’s last dragon mentors a young man to lead his kingdom in a fight for freedom. That’s the story of Rhyaden! I can’t wait for you to read it.

My first newsletter went out this past week announcing my new web-site Check it out! And while you’re there, sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss any important dates such as when Rhyaden becomes available for pre-orders and the details for my book give-away. I promise the newsletters won’t come often and will be short and sweet. The team who put all of these elements together did a great job. Thank you! They have been very patient with me. 

Details and more details. They say little things make the world go around. Who are “They”? I ask that because I’d like to have a talk with “They.” The little things are making my head explode at the moment. My brain conveniently opens the back hatch and lets things I’m supposed to remember fall out. I think it’s a stress release mechanism. Eject. Kind of like those notices from I-cloud. ‘Your storage is full. Things will be deleted.’ Well, they don’t have anything on me. My brain has been deleting for years.

Summer is in full swing. School is out so I can leave the neighborhood at any time of the morning and not have to worry about running into kids or traffic. Most of the college kids are gone too, so all in all, way less traffic. Bonus! The flip side is the hot weather. Great Big Bummer! I melt into a puddle of mush in this kind of heat. I’m looking out at my flower pots and some of those plants look just like how I feel: wilted and droopy.

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