Happy Father’s Day

So, I got a bubble machine for my birthday. It’s a big hit with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. I imagine the other grandkids will like it too. They just aren’t around right now to try it out, but we got in a good test. It’s a pretty simple machine. You put six batteries in it, fill it with bubble soap, and hit the button. What wasn’t simple, was getting it out of the packaging. Three tools! It took 3 tools to get an $8 toy out of it’s cardboard box. A knife to cut the packaging tape. A scissors to cut through the zip-ties around the bottle of soap, and a screw driver to get off the three screws attached to the cardboard. Then there was a plastic lug nut type of thingy to twist off and finally the screw driver again to get into the battery compartment. It’s a good thing she really likes bubbles.

I practiced loading the kayak on top of the car. I learned a few lessons. Here are my tips. Tip #1: If you want an early start, load up the kayak and equipment the night before and then get a good night’s sleep. I stayed up late watching a good movie – then couldn’t go to sleep for hours afterward. My start was late and it was already hot by the time I was ready to load. Tip #2: I’m leaving the racks on for the rest of the season. That will save time too. Tip#3: No matter how tempting it is to leave the car in the garage for the practice session – don’t do it. Tip #4: Lift weights or have a partner (preferably strong) to help. I guess I’ll start lifting weights. Tip #5: live on a lake so you can just leave your kayak near the dock and not have to load it at all. 

That last one is impossible for most of us, so refer back to the others. Enjoy those weights!  Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!IMG_3377

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