Be Happy

I finally accomplished one of my goals since moving here, riding my bike from my place to Bellvue and back along the Poudre River Trail. It is such a beautiful ride, a long, beautiful ride. Next I will do the other side of I-25. The trail goes all the way to Greeley. I think I’ll plan that ride for when one of the kids can pick me up at the other end and bring me back. 

The south side of my house got swarmed by ants. Those are certainly pesky, determined little critters. Two different kinds of ant killers, one spray and one a bait for them to take back to the nest, seems to have slowed the problem. I’m watching closely though. It seemed like it happened so fast, but I suppose I just hadn’t been paying much attention – until there were thousands! I don’t know how you would count them, but it was scary lots!

The longest day of the year – for us – has come and gone. The sad part of that is the thought that now the days are getting shorter. The good part is that means it’s summer! No snow to shovel. Many, many people are dealing with flooding right now though, so keep your eyes to the sky. Many farmers east of me have been hailed out, which is so disheartening. Even though most carry insurance – all that does is get you back your crop expenses – no living expenses. My prayers and heart go out to you. Been there – done that. I know how difficult it is, and how strong farmers have to be to pick up and do it again. Thank goodness for their sturdy souls. I like to eat.

Being one who has left the farm, I also know what courage that takes. Starting a new life isn’t easy either. No road will be perfect. There will be ruts and rocks to get around, but either fork you choose, put on a smile and keep moving. As the song says, “Be Happy.” None of us gets out of this life alive.

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