A Slow Sloth

I don’t know that I really accomplished a thing today, other than making a list of things to do that I will start in on tomorrow. Some days are like that I suppose. I did have lunch with a wonderful young man (24 years old now) who’s mom and I have been dear friends for probably close to thirty years. He and I had a great political discussion – that was actually a discussion of issues. No We vs. They. What a delight. My hope is in the young people.

I tried going for a walk, after the numerous rain showers that kept happening throughout the day. The sun finally came out, the temperature rose, and I thought, “You’re not getting anything done – you might as well go for a quick walk.” Well, quick it was, because soon after turning the third corner, it started raining. I took a short cut home and jogged instead of walked. I got soaked but I tried.

All of my Rhyaden files are now saved in three places. That only took an hour. I know I’m slow but there are 12 e-files alone. I checked and rechecked just to be sure. I’m trying to avoid the ‘crash syndrome’ aspect of being a computer user. In the middle of doing that, my sprinkler maintenance man came and solved a couple of problems in the yard for me. One thing or another. 

For the last two days, the Internet has been slowwww as molasses. The kind of slow where I would delete an e-mail and it would take two minutes for it to be deleted. Ugh. Not good when a person is trying to conduct business. A sloth would win a race with my Internet right now. I went to a writers meeting and everyone said their’s was acting the same way. I’m always glad when it’s not just my problem. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon. I suppose if you’re reading this – it is working better!


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