I put my new kayak in the water for the first time. I learned a lot of tricks/methods to make the whole process of loading and unloading faster next time, the kind you learn by experience. They sure weren’t in any manual. I drove down the road at 75 mph and the kayak was still there when I arrived. All good. Well, except for maybe the sore muscles two days later.

This 100+ degree heat is a real drag. I cannot imagine the fire fighters working in the kind of gear they have to wear out in this weather. I watch the potted plants wilt each afternoon, despite being watered everyday. I feel that exact same way every time I step out the door, which I do not do very often. Bless the fire fighters.

My dahlias have grown up like trees in the pots on my front patio. I’m not sure what happened. I’ve never seen any this tall. Maybe the fertilizer got carried away when mixed with some gargantuan genetics. They’re getting close to blooming. I’m kind of excited to see what they look like, as long as I can keep the water on them in his heat. My luck, I’ll get puny flowers on top of Jack’s beanstalk. Otherwise, my yard looks very nice this year. 

Lately, my side-job has been sending books out for reviews. In the fall, before the release date, I’ll be running some contests and give-aways of the book before its release. Be sure and go to my web-site barbaratynerbooks.com and sign up for the newsletter. That will be the surest way to get a give-away. If you are a Good Reads member, there will be a give-away through them also. Difficult as it can be, I’m managing to carve out some time every day to write. Woot! I love writing. Eddie's1st

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