I’ve seen it all now. My son-in-law bowled by bringing the ball around and between his legs. Impossible to explain — but oh so funny to watch. It wasn’t a terribly effective method for making points, but then he switched to his left hand and scored a strike (he’s right handed). Whatever it takes, right? We had a great time.

Thanks to the Clearview Library District for featuring me in their local author spotlight, part of their newsletter.  It’s very nice to be included.

I had the Pampas grass dug out of the back yard. That is bitter-sweet. I love the look of the grass, especially in winter when it gives the bare yard some interest. The problem for me is getting rid of all of that tall grass and stalks come spring. It takes a month of cutting the stems into pieces that will fit in the trash. Though I learned the clever trick of wrapping the bunch with tape and cutting it off below the wrap, that doesn’t deal with getting all of it cut into pieces that will fit in the trash receptacle. I’ll miss it this winter, but I’ll be very happy come next spring. In the meantime, I’m looking for something like lemon grass to plant there. I’m told it wards off mosquitoes. I’ll take all the help I can get in that department. 

I extend my heartfelt sympathy to Covered Treasures of Monument Colorado. They just experienced a flood (plumbing problem in the floor above them) and extensive damage, including loss of inventory. They are one of my absolute favorite independent bookstores – mostly because of the kind, generous, engaging, spirited, fun people who work there. They are determined to reopen as soon as possible. I know they will make it happen. I wish them all the best. Read On!

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