What makes us move?

I’m writing this blog while on hold with the local social security office. Thank goodness for speaker phones. I’m definitely better at typing with both hands. This has been such a typical Monday, however I have accomplished a small amount and checked off a few items on the list, so all is not lost.

A good deal of my morning was spent playing indoor hide-n-seek with my granddaughter. It’s way too hot to be outside doing anything. I am blown away by this obnoxious heat dome induced heat wave. My daughter laughs, saying I am a Reverse Snow Bird. I want to go to the high country in the summer, and back here for winter. I just can’t take the heat.

The gal who became my house-mate back in February has found a lovely place to call her own. The tentative plan is for her to move at the end of this month, at least that is what she plans right now. I am excited for her. It is brand new construction and in a lovely neighborhood. Once again she is sorting through her stuff. I think there ought to be a law about each of us having to sort out and throw out the excess at least once a year.

I thought about moving, but the thought OF moving stopped me in my tracks. So much work! So much expense. Nope. Stick tight. The big yard and garden and chickens that I would love to have again – all take a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK. Right now, I live five minutes from one kid and twenty from another. It can’t get any better than that. What was I thinking? There are changes I can make, such as a screened in porch in the back, that will help the house fit me better. Just as long as this city doesn’t ban outdoor fire pits. Not being able to make s’mores with my grandkids would be enough to make me move!

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