Hurrah for the great coming together of humankind to save those stranded boys in Thailand! YAY to their coach for keeping them calm and alive, YAY to the teams of brave souls who went into those murky, dangerous depths, YAY to all the support staff and planners who figured out the logistics of the rescue. YAY to the boys for being so brave. My prayers go out to the Navy Seal who perished on his last great mission. In these last days, watching this happy ending unfold, I have see stirring glimpses of human goodness. We are one planet – just one – and what we do affects everyone.

I took a lovely drive up into the mountains to get out of the heat. Rain, glorious rain followed the car back down the mountain and cooled the city off. What a relief, though the next several day’s forecast is back up in the high 90s. Oh well. It was wonderful while it lasted. I’m grateful for any moisture that doesn’t come down in frozen balls of destruction. As hot as it has been on this side of the hill, it has been worse on the other side where my mother lives – so I’m trying to keep my complaints to a dull roar.

I have gotten through a first draft of my next novel and find myself stuck. Usually this is the part where I jump in and start weaving in the Shakespeare, but no, I’m just stuck. I think the hot weather has evaporated my creative juices. I’ve decided to take a break from writing. I’m going to enjoy summer, my grandkids, popsicles, dilly bars, and iced coffee. In the fall, I’ll take up serious writing again. “HaHa” the people who know me well say, there’s no way. They’re probably right, but I’m going to give it a try.

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