More glorious rain. It came for a couple of hours, gently and straight down, soaking the parched grass spots that were struggling to keep green in this terrible heat. The smell of rain is so soothing. My spirits are lifted. My appetite stirred. To the west of us, terrible fires are burning, to the east there is terrible flooding. I am very grateful for my blessings at this moment, in this place.

My granddaughter and I got in another wonderful hike in Poudre Canyon. We were late getting out of here, (I had a bit of a run in with an uncooperative government employee, and an insurance claim to fill out), so the temperature got a little hot until the clouds came over and starting sprinkling. Regardless, being out of the city was marvelous, being with a grandkid is always good, and clearing out the cobwebs with a little exercise is my best therapy.

This weekend is my annual girls get-away. The one where we laugh so much our sides hurt, we try ridiculously fun adventures, and we weave tighter bonds of friendship – if that’s possible. I am really looking forward to it. As a young person, I never understood the importance of girlfriend friendships and getaways. I do now. I’m so glad it’s never too late for old dogs to learn new tricks.

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