I took a nice get-away to the mountains with friends. That was followed by a gentle rain and made for a great break to summer’s heat. I am grateful I had the opportunity. Now it’s back to the grind, although I’m also planning my next trip, so that part is not so terrible. What to pack? I’ll be driving, so I can throw in the things like my good set of binoculars that I don’t take when I’m flying. My good camera with the big lens. Water shoes. Fishing shirt. I’ve started the list. At least two national parks are on the route, but maybe a third. Will see how time goes. I tend to be like a horse to the barn once I head in the direction of home.

The clouds have looked spectacular lately. That usually means ominous weather is hitting the area beneath them, and that often means hail, flooding, and destructive winds. How ironic that nature’s beauty is often so cruel in its aftermath. A muddy river of debris and goo raged through Manitou Springs and a foot of hail blanketed parts of Fountain CO.

The loss of life from the horrific fires in Greece is unspeakable. Entire families huddled together, hugging each other as they burned to death. We have so much tragedy around us — all the while people are worried about getting to the store in time to purchase their mega lottery ticket. I do not understand. Truly, I do not understand.

I guess I’m dense. I also do not understand the money wasted in political campaigns. So many of our planet’s problems could be solved by using the very money that is poured down the drain on both sides of the political spectrum. Now, granted, it makes political operatives very very rich — and that helps our planet how? Political favors are asked and granted because of the huge financial contributions made to campaigns – and in turn the huge profits generated by the favor, the vote, or the refusal to bring a matter to a a vote.

Let’s show the lobbyists we have a voice too. Get out and vote!

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