The flowers around the neighborhood are brilliant. This picture is of my crazy dahlias. The grass contrasts nicely throughout the area because the rains have caught us back up. The temperature is inching back up after the respite, but it’s summer. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

My thoughts are certainly with everyone suffering through the wildfires. Having gone through one myself, I understand your fear and anxiety. I understand the heartache. I hope the rains will shift and give the firefighters some help. It has to end soon, it just has to.

We got some quarter size hail, a small price to pay considering the flooding and fires in other parts of the country. I called the insurance company just in case. I doubt there is actual damage to the roof, but I feel this is a case of better safe than sorry. When it finally cooled off this evening, I wanted to sit out on the patio and write, but the mosquitoes came zinging in. After one bite, I headed in.

My granddaughter and I get a five day hiatus with no parents. I’m hoping for some decent weather so we can do some hiking or biking. There are swim lessons on the docket, we are going to a tree nursery to pick out a spruce for the back yard, and I am planning/packing for my next National Park trip. Maybe, I’ll throw in a little work. Who knows.

My house-mate has found a lovely place of her own and is moving soon. Once again she is sorting and down-sizing through a life-time of things. I am determined to follow her example and do the same come this winter when it’s too cold to be outside. IMG_3575

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