The first half of my trip across Wyoming was shrouded in fog. The second half was all smoke haze from fires in Utah. The smoke is in Utah, Idaho and Montana too. If you don’t think our planet could face drastic climate change from our own making or Mother Nature’s – think again. Many times it is only a lucky shift in the winds that allows us to put these fires out.

My grandsons are growing growing growing. How does it happen so fast? The younger one is a carbon copy of his grandpa Dean. The older one was reading my latest novel, Rhyaden to me out loud. That is awesome.

Today is my older sister’s birthday. She has been gone nearly forty years. Though only thirty-one when she died, somehow she is still older than me. When I go off and do something courageous like taking this trip across country by myself, she is the one sitting on my shoulder, urging me to go. “Be brave,” she says, and so I go.

I am staying with friends on Flathead Lake in Montana. What beautiful country! My daughter sent me with wonderful tomatoes and squash out of her garden, so we roasted sweetcorn, asparagus, and steaks on the grill, made potato salad and sliced the fresh tomatoes. Wow. I am really going to have to hike and swim now to use up those calories!

After two long days of driving, I am going to hang out on the lake and relax. I’ll do Glacier and pick out a hike the next day or two after that. I might even see if I can paddle board. That should be worth IMG_3605a laugh or two.

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