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It is hard to describe the value of a restorative vacation, time away from work and home. I am sitting on a small land point, with a bay on either side of me. Water is smacking the rock wall in a constant symphony of slaps and whooshes, accentuated by humming bird trills as the exuberant birds zoom past where I sit. My feet are up on an ottoman and the thought of a nap is not out of the question. Watching the lake through the spruce trees, the water reflects the sun like twinkling diamonds. Caught in the light through the branches of the trees, the sparkles remind me of tinsel on a Christmas tree.

A breeze keeps me cool despite the forecasted 90 plus degrees. My plans for my days are simple, read & write, rest, paddle board, kayak, swim, an evening boat ride at 5 with my hosts, and more of the same. I have researched my hike in the Park, so all is prepared. I can relax. I am relaxed. My only companion at the moment is a bald eagle soaring above, watching his world.

A turkey mama with one young chick, and a doe with two fawns in tow are among the wildlife residing in this tiny paradise. On the dock, I witnessed a peregrine falcon dive and come up with a fish for his dinner. That surprised me so, I had to think about it for several seconds to be sure that what I thought just happened, really happened.

Everyone here lives on lake time. It doesn’t get dark until late, past my bedtime, so I am still adjusting. Boats with water skiers run until it is absolutely dark outside. The haze from wildfires is still prevalent but makes for a blood orange sunrise every morning. That is a small compensation for not seeing the mountains clearly, but hey, I look for the silver lining. I would have said bright side, but that doesn’t exactly fit the picture.IMG_3674

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