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Rhyaden has gone live on Amazon for pre-orders. Here is the site to go to :

I’m so excited! While I’ve been off galavanting in the backwoods, Rhyaden got an awesome review from Midwest Book Review.

“Rhyaden is a middle-grade fantasy novel, set in world where trees talk and the last living dragon mentors a young man who may be his kingdom’s only hope for freedom from a tyrannical invasion. A parable about how the choices we make define ourselves and our future, as well as a rousing adventure, Rhyaden is a page-turner to the very end. Highly recommended, especially for public and school library young adult fantasy collections.” Children’s Bookwatch, August 2018 Midwest Book Review

Well, if I thought Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Montana were hazy, I had another think coming. Washington has been the worst. Our hope is that when we go further up north, we will get out of this smoke funnel that we are in here in Chelan. I really couldn’t even tell the Columbia River was a river when I first got here. I am visiting cousins but we are only here for one day, then we head north to North Cascades National Park.

Where we are staying in North Cascades is accessed by ferry. There is no wi-fi or cell service. Hence, this blog is late. We plan kayaking and hiking. I’m not even taking my computer. No writing allowed. Can you believe it?

My cousin talked extensively about the change in climate here. When he moved here decades ago, it was lush and green around the lake. A few years back, after years of drought, they lost their home to fire. Driving in, despite the smoke, when I left the wheat fields and started down toward the lake, I saw a very arid, desert like land. It reminded me of southern Utah and Arizona around the Grand Canyon. Uplake was a whole different world. I have wonderful stories to share with you now that I’m back in wi-fi world.Rhyaden-Kindle

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