Ancients & Respect

I have made a trip over the hill to assist my sister in making some of those difficult end-of-life decisions for my mother. The weather and traffic were good, so I can’t complain about the driving. Our decision is not to pursue restorative care, after all Mom is 98, but to go the palliative route of making her comfortable to the end. The pain is the hard part for me to deal with. I hope the suggested steps can be put in place sooner rather than later. I don’t know how much bureaucracy is involved with hospice care these days. I’m about to find out.

While I was in North Cascades National Park, I kayaked in to some petroglyphs on the south side of upper Lake Chelan. You can only see them from the water. In my mind, the ancient drawings recounted a warrior’s successful hunting history throughout his life. Trying to figure out the story was mesmerizing.

There are modern day initials added to the mix. It is sad that people would deface the ancient art, and yet in a thousand years, whoever looks at these will try and figure out their stories too. Sadly, I wish people who decide to leave their own marks would be a little more respectful and leave a little distance between theirs and those already there. You can’t help but notice that when all you leave is your initials and a date, you haven’t left much of a story about your culture. Strikes me as a little self-centered.

My condolences go out to Senator John McCain’s family. He lived his life and his politics with such dignity and conviction to do what was right for the country – not for his party. Such strength of character, not ruled by money, is a commodity we need to see more of these days. IMG_3791

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