Where’s the line?

My mother looked at my sister and asked, “Who are you?” That had to cut her to the heart. My sister and I had earlier had a nasty fight over my mother’s care. It’s hard for her to accept my help, or suggestions. It is all seen by her as my dissing the care she has given Mom. I know what a blessing she has been to our mother, however, she can’t provide the care Mom needs now. Her time frame for getting help is different than mine. I want them to have help now. We’ve gone round and round about this for months now.

Yes, my sister lives here. Yes, she does the best she can, but her own health and mobility are poor. Where is that line between respecting their wishes (Mom wants to stay at home) and neglect? Someone needs to smack me in the head with that line so I know what to do. Am I coming up on it or is it behind me already? What to do besides the dishes, mopping the floor and starting the laundry. I unloaded the dishwasher and it was the same load I started last time I was here. This time I’m unloading them before I leave. Last time I bought her paper plates and I guess she decided they work great. Who needs plates?

So, I’m venting, but I decided this is a difficult subject and I need to say it out loud. Why is asking for help so difficult? I am as guilty of that as the next person. I will find a way to move furniture, cut down a tree, etc. rather than ask for help. I have ended up with a sore back more than once because of that stubborn dislike of asking for help. I forget how much I like helping others, so why do I not want to give others the same opportunity? IMG_3784

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