Either a bug got me, or stress finally took its toll, but I was down and out for two long days. Yuck. None of the things on my list got done, and worst of all, I missed a kayaking trip. Maybe this is my body’s way of making me take time off. I don’t know. After a while, sleeping didn’t even sound good. I trudged through the day, trying to get the minimum, absolute necessary things done. Getting sick is for the birds. Because I am once again at the computer, you know I survived and am back at it.

I do like these cooler days and nights leading us to autumn. Leaving the windows open all day long is a delight. I can hear the squirrels fighting over the acorns and chasing each other out of their favorite hide-y holes. That means of course, that winter is coming, not such a pleasant thought, but before that is glorious fall, my favorite time of year. Fall colors are the best, topped off with the crisp air and new crop apples. Lovely. I’ve even started putting out a few fall decorations and switched to my winter bedspread.

I’m trying to come up with colors to paint a couple of bedrooms with, or at least do some accent walls. For some reason, I seem to have no creative juices flowing. I’m calling on my friends and decorative geniuses to help me out. There are several little projects I’d like to do around the house, none of which I have the skills to do. What a bummer. I should have gone to carpentry school.

Catalogues full of fall decorations are coming fast and furious. They are fun to look at, I will admit, surely more fun than dead-heading spent flowers in the yard, but it must be done. Another season come and gone.IMG_3755

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