A Call

The Aspen colors in the mountains were spectacular on the drive over the Continental Divide. I have never seen the hill across from town of Copper Mountain so beautiful. It was stunning. I wondered if that had anything to do with why they named the town Copper Mountain. At any rate, it certainly made this latest trip over the hill a bit easier.

I’m waiting on a call from the Home Health nurse. Hospice, the Dr. and Home Health are having a conference on what comes next. Mom has not been out of bed for three days. Her body is shutting down and it is only a matter of time, I suppose.

Thanks to all my friends and blog followers who have been so supportive through this end of life process for my mother. I am very ready for her not to be in pain anymore. My biggest worry now is my sister’s reaction after Mom is gone. But, at the moment, I can’t worry about that. As my son used to say, don’t look downrange, look at the target right in front of you. And as I say so often, don’t look at the mountain, look at the step in front of you. Either way, one step, one day at a time.

While I’m over here with no Internet, the blogs and posts will come rather willy-nilly. I will try and get to the library once a day to check on the rest of the world, but you know, who gives a care anyway. The rest of the world will be just fine without me for a few days. I do think about the hurricane victims, but I can’t do anything about that either. It took me a long time to figure out what I can and cannot affect and Mother Nature is right up there at the top

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