One Day

Exhaustion. Nothing about my day was physically trying, it was all emotional. It started at 7 in the morning after a sleepless night. My daughter called and wondered why I had forgotten to remind her it was time to pay estimated taxes. Oops. How could I be expected to remember to remind her when I had forgotten to remember my own? I e-mailed my accountant and she e-mailed me the forms. (Sometimes I love technology!)

The new hospital bed came right on time. I had dismantled the second twin bed in Mom’s room to make room for the new hospital bed. I thought I had gotten everything ready the night before, but in the morning realized I needed to get everything out from under Mom’s bed as well. More vacuuming.

The delivery person set up the bed and taught me how to use it, but then of course, my parent’s older house doesn’t have 3-prong plugins, so I had to run to the hardware store and buy a surge protector and adaptor. By the time I got back, the fire department had already arrived to make the transfer from bed to bed (a wonderful service I didn’t know they did). We got the bed plugged in, found the on-off switch (because the delivery person had gone on to his next job) and it worked! The Home Health nurse was here, 3 firemen, one delivery guy, one Visiting Angel, and my mom and sister. Whew!

So, out the door went the firemen and Home Health nurse, and then the doorbell rang again. Another agency making sure we are getting the services we need. After them, the Hospice evaluating nurse came to admit Mom into Hospice. At the end of that visit, I ran to the library to print the tax forms. The Visiting Angel left. When second shift started, I put the third load of laundry in the dryer and turned off the last lawn sprinkler.

Update to the above: Many things have been resolved and calmed down since I wrote the above. Hospice is providing wonderful support.

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