I am now wearing one of my mother’s beautiful rings. At first, I kept them in the drawer and just looked at them every couple of days, but now, it seems fitting to wear them. I feel like I am honoring her when I put them on. I hope that is how she would feel.

On my daily walk today, I realized the feeling of missing something in my day comes from the fact that I have not been writing. I believe I am ready to get back into my current project. That is good. I know that time heals, but it takes time, as my good friend recently said to me. Who wants to wait for that?  Not me, but we are given no choice in the matter.

Time to put away the jack-o-lanterns and bring out the turkey decorations. I noticed people taking advantage of the warm days to put up holiday lights. I have no such inclination yet. What I have been doing is trying to figure out how to navigate the jump from health insurance to medicare and supplements. Easier said than done. I have time, but liking to line my ducks up, I started looking at this stuff. Ugh. Simply awful stuff to look at. There has to be a better way.

The other project I’m working on is to get my sister’s and my mother’s receipts and paperwork organized. Now, that one is not easy to get into. I hate reducing them to sheets of paper and the coming tax returns. I know that’s not what I’m really doing, but it feels that way. It makes me angry too. Thank goodness for the little thoughtful gifts and cards my friends keep sending me. What a treasure good friends are.  The most interesting thing I came upon is my mother’s life-time fishing license issued in 1984. I don’t know if she ever needed it, but she got her money’s worth. It only cost $2.00.

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