The bureaucracy of death is ridiculous. I’ll share one recent incident. I called the hospital in Grand Junction where my sister was diagnosed with cancer in order to have them change the address where they send the bills to, from Mom’s house to mine. I was assuming they wanted someone to actually get the bill. Due to privacy issues – remember, she passed and doesn’t really care about privacy anymore – they could not change the address without my e-mailing her a copy of my POA for my sister. Now, excuse me, but a Power of Attorney is immediately null and void when a person dies, so how in the world does this help them?

Channeling my family’s sarcastic nature, I asked, “You do want the bill to be paid, right?” There was a rather stilted laugh on the other end of the line.

Well, folks, the Post Office ( and we all trust them implicitly) is supposed to forward the mail to me. We’ll see how that goes. If all else fails, I’ll take in the Death Certificate next time I’m over there. I have to assume the woman didn’t understand that my sister died. I don’t know. I just gave up.

It snowed! My granddaughter and I went sledding. A marvelous bit of exercise and fun. The snow was glistening white in the sunshine, the temperature freezing cold – literally – and we followed the sledding up with a hot bowl of home-made chicken soup. What more could you ask for?

“Rhyaden” is flying high, winging it out there on the back of a very purple dragon that everyone can’t help but fall in love with. Thanks to all who have written reviews, shown up at my book signings, and supported me these last months with flowers, cards, and love. You are the best fans, family, and friends. I am ever so grateful.

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