The Holidays

The tree is up and decorated. The snow village is on the hutch and lit. The wind is howling outside like it has somewhere important to go. My granddaughter and I are watching a Christmas movie, the first of many for the season, after an afternoon of hauling boxes up the stairs and eating Thanksgiving leftovers. There is just one month left until Christmas. Oh my gosh. How does time do that?

It is not unusual to struggle through the holidays after loosing a loved one. So many times I think of calling Mom. She would have loved hearing about us decorating the tree and how beautifully it turned out.

Thanks to all who have come out to my book events. They have all been loads of fun and a wonderful opportunity for me to meet new people and connect with friends I haven’t seen in a long while. I appreciate everyone’s support. Rhyaden is a great read. I hope each of you gives it a try. Books are a great Christmas present!

Travel safe to those returning home and throughout the coming holidays. 

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