The Peak

Whenever I return to the Colorado Springs area, one of my favorite things to see is Pikes Peak. I came down for a book signing at Covered Treasures Bookstore in Monument (a treasure in itself) and low and behold, the mountain was socked in by a coming snow storm and nary a glimpse of it could I see. Then I woke the next morning to a sparkling peak basking in early sunlight. I also got to see old friends whom I cherish. What a blessed trip!

The days are growing shorter, but just think, in only three weeks it goes the other way. After Dec. 21st, the days get longer every single day. That’s one of the thoughts that carries me through winter, that and tons of book work. This year, I get to oversee three extra sets of taxes, 3 final returns. That is rather daunting, but thank goodness, it only has to happen once.

I greatly enjoyed the Christmas decorations at my friend’s house, and it reminded me of when I used to put up five trees in my home in the Black Forest. I’m sorely tempted to get all the boxes out of storage and do it up right. After the holidays, when it all has to come back down is when I will kick myself and wonder “what was I thinking?”  I may rethink the impulse.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Do you like the goodies? or the lights? or the shopping? I have to say that going downtown to see the lights in Fort Collins is one of my all-time favorite things to do in December. I truly love the music too. Nothing beats turning off all the lights except for the Christmas village, the lit tree and the fireplace. That is the best for me, topped off with a little egg-nog. Of course, a grandchild in my lap, some crunch drop cookies, and a movie are pretty good too.

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