My condolences to the Bush family. #41 George H. W. Bush was a great patriot, and more importantly, a great husband, father, and grandfather. A man that truly served all of America, he held his head high above partisanship, and I salute his inspirational life and ideals. We can only hope there are more like him to come.

I’ve noticed over the years that Mother Nature seldom pays attention to the calendar. What a slacker, or else she’s actually the rule maker. Officially, we’re still in fall and the cold, nasty stuff is supposed to wait till winter. Not. The cold and nasty has arrived.

I recently worked diligently to clean my desk off. It had gotten a little out of control with all the book events of late. In fact, my entire office is rather a mess right now, there is even a floating dragon hanging about, but I have plans for the room. I just won’t be able to complete them until February, actually March, so for now, I’m going to live with the chaos, something I haven’t done extremely well with in the past. I have a new resolve to chill out and let it be. I’ll keep you posted on that front.

Part of the office mess stems from the fact that I put a lot of mementos in there when i decorated the rest of the house for the holidays. It seemed like the logical place to go with stuff, it was easy and close and I had no plans to decorate it. Now I’m rather regretting the inclination to put it in there. Too late!  I do love how the rest of the house looks, though, all dressed up in its holiday duds.

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