The desk is clean. The office is … better. I switched gears and am now working on an application to my HOA foo make a small change to the exterior of my house. I realize the value of HOA’s, but I don’t like asking for permission either. I suppose you can’t have it both ways.

The holidays are fast approaching. We have two family “do’s” this weekend. After that, I’m chilling out. My goal is to actually get back into the groove of writing. My shopping is done, I sent out the holiday cards, all that’s left is sipping eggnog and listening to the music of the season. I can handle that.

I got my sister’s hospital bill for her 18 days in the hospital. $118,406.00. Tell me there isn’t something wrong with insurance companies being in charge of our health care system. Just try and tell me that. $17,393.00 of that bill was for coronary care. Excuse me. She didn’t have a heart problem, she had cancer. I don’t even want to understand how things have gotten so out of control.

A friend and I went downtown to see the beautiful holiday lights Fort Collins puts up in Old Town. It is simply magical. I am never disappointed. It could only have been better if it was lightly snowing – or – warm enough to get out and walk. It was frigid, but still absolutely magical. So glad I got the opportunity. I don’t like night driving anymore.

Our little bit of snow is gone, only the cold remains. I keep curling up in front of the fire and not getting a whole lot done. Not that there isn’t plenty to do. I could shred documents from now until spring – and it may just take me that long – and then there is the sorting that will have to get done before we can have an estate sale. All in good time, all in good time. IMG_0089

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