If you’re in need of a good gift for middle grade thru middle schoolers, please go to my website: “Rhyaden” will fit the bill. It’s an adventurous tale of a young man’s journey to save his kingdom. There are dragons to boot. What more could you ask for?

I’m not much for crowds or traffic, but all of that was worth doing last weekend just to watch my three year old granddaughter enjoy a performance of Disney On Ice. The sparkle in her eyes alone made the drive worth while. She was enthralled by the princess costumes, the lights and the music (she knows the songs by heart), and drinking her Olaf snow cone drink. The best fun for me was watching her clap, laugh, and sing along. Wearing her own princess dress (one that is just a tad too long), she gladly held up the skirt to keep it off the ground while she walked. After all, princesses have to make a lot of sacrifices for their kingdoms.

Trying to once again clear my desk off. Tell me how the pile appears so quickly. One day’s mail comes and poof, seventeen things to read through including more doctor bills for my sister (as if the hospital bill wasn’t awful enough). It took an hour to get through her stuff and it did not leave me feeling very chipper.

Plans change, much like the weather. Flexibility has become the name of the game. Perhaps that’s why I do yoga every morning, just to be prepared for what is coming round the corner. Mornings can start beautifully, turn gusty, then back to calm in late afternoon. I’m not sure what it all means, but I know the country is getting really nasty weather in the east. I’m grateful not to be shoveling sidewalks just yet.

I’ve done the holiday shopping. Check. Wrapped the presents. Check. The decorating. Check. Ah – the baking. That means a trip to the store for ingredients which means I can put it off for a few more days. Rhyaden-Kindle

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