I’ve been inspired to bake holiday goodies. I can’t imagine why. Simply smelling baked goods puts weight on me. Actually, I was inspired to try several different recipes when I brought out my old recipe box and took out all the clippings and scraps of paper I had written recipes on over the last fifteen years. It took me four evenings to get all of them written onto cards that fit my box. Speaking of which, my oldest sister decorated that box and gave it to me when we were young girls. That almost makes it an antique!

I drove across southern Wyoming to celebrate my grandson’s birthday. These grandkids are growing up just way too fast, way faster than my kids. Wonderful, windy Wyoming. I view it as a blessing to drive across it in winter when snow isn’t blowing. There is a lot more snow north and south of Fort Collins. I don’t like shoveling walks, but I do know we need moisture. My lawn is drying out and brown.

It’s been exciting to see sales of Rhyaden in other countries. Two were sold in the UK! Wow and thank you! I hope Niall, Ben and Gunder make a big splash. I have no doubt the last dragon of Rhyaden will be loved.

Happy Holidays everyone. There is much to reflect on this year. I have so many blessings and my grandchildren have good health and loving parents. Yes, I have had loss, but loss is universal to everyone, no one escapes losing someone they love.  The support of my family and friends is what has made all the difference. I celebrate each of you as a valued part of my life this past year. Thank you.

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