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Since I posted my blog a day late last time, I’m getting right on writing this one. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukah. Happy Kwanza. All Happy to All. It’s all good. No one need be offended by a choice of greeting. I mean really, why waste your energy? Life is too short and the older you get, the less of that energy you have. You need it to keep warm! Winter is here! The shortest day has come and gone, but the brrrr is here for a while.

We need moisture. I feel awful saying that when I know back east people are flooding in places, and snowed under in other places. However, my lawn is turning brown and I really don’t want to haul hoses around or have to blow out the sprinkler system again. A day of soft, slow rain would do nicely. Right? Ever see that in Colorado in at the end of December?

I’ve been trying to be an elf and deliver the goodies I baked to the neighbors- before I eat them all. Not easy to do – the not eating them part. My first ever batch of fudge turned out great and my mother’s Crunch Drop cookies are always wonderful. Oh how I love them. So you see… No wonder gym memberships skyrocket in January.

I’m not one to make resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Mine is a year round effort to eat healthy, to be kind, to listen well and truly try to understand, to keep moving forward. None of those are big things in themselves, but they add up to a decent life and a nice person. That’s my goal. Let life’s stresses wash down the river. As my mother often said, it all comes out in the wash.

I have not lost the feeling every evening that I should be calling Mom to check in. I hope I never do.Merry

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