Happy New Year!

My grand-dog and I are navigating through the maze of what needs to be done, what I’d like to get done, what I’d rather do, and why do anything at all. The kids have gone on vacation (hence the dog sitting) and I am going to ring in the New Year with a puppy who will gladly kiss me and a couple of new books to read, plus a new jig-saw puzzle. Before I will allow myself to start the puzzle, I have to finish the downstairs challenge. All that is left is going through all of the old albums and school program materials. Bleh.

I am making plans for trips this coming summer. I am already committed to a different location each month, all over the map. So I’m starting with Plan A: refrain from buying any bedding plants for pots that don’t get watered by the sprinkler system. Plan B: get in some kayaking. Otherwise, the summer will be gone and it won’t have happened.

I can tell my yard sale this coming summer is going to be about getting rid of stuff and not worrying about getting any kind of price out of things. There will be bargains at my house! I’ve been collecting boxes to take to my mother’s house for packing up stuff. I have no idea if there are things I’m going to want. I’ll start to figure that out, I guess, when I head over there next month to sort.

In the middle of re-wrapping ornaments, I yelled out for Alexa to take down the Christmas decorations. I encountered two issues with that thought. I don’t have Alexa, and that task is not on her job description. Watching my granddaughter decorate the tree was certainly more fun than un-decorating.

This is my last blog for 2018. I wish for all of you to make 2019 a happy, prosperous, and kind New Year. See you on the flip side!

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