The First

Do you know the difference between a two year old and a puppy when you’re doing planks? The two year old climbs on top and the puppy crawls under. My morning yoga is so much fun this week with the grand-puppy here. We’ve gotten into a good routine with a little tug-o-war every morning to start our day.

I started going through the albums, the last task to accomplish in 2018, so I allowed myself to start the jigsaw. Let me tell you, if completing the edge is any indication, this is a tough puzzle. It’s a beautiful picture of sunset in Arches National Park. Makes me want to get back out there! After getting through the old albums and pictures that haven’t been out of boxes since I moved here (five years if anyone is counting), I now need one three-ring binder. I know where I can get one for free, along with numerous unopened albums, etc. etc. etc. in my mom’s house! Since I have to go sort anyway, I think I will be bringing home some useful items too.

There is a skiff of white snow on the ground. No moisture to speak of, the wind that is howling out there has sucked away far more moisture than the quarter inch received could possibly contain. My hope is that we’ve broken the pattern. Mother Nature can let some snow fall here – or rain – just saying.

With the start of 2019, I’m hoping for a calmer year promoting Rhyaden, working on the next book, Compass Point, traveling, kayaking, and visiting friends and family. My most important job will be watching the grandkids grow. Yes, I have to clean out and sell my mom’s house which means a lot of trips over the hill, but that also gives me a chance to revisit my childhood, and really appreciate the good parts of the life we all had there. I’ve already acquired a set of rose colored glasses.

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