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Here I am, once again sorting. I have to admit, I cried a little when I first walked in my mother’s house. It was so quiet, certainly not empty, just quiet and sad.  But there is work to be done, so I turned up the heat, turned on the water, and got at it. The sheer number of drawers to be gone through is mind-numbing. It kind of makes me want to walk right back out the door.

Do I throw my grandmother’s picture away? I was old enough to remember one visit with her at her home in Minnesota. I played with the children’s toys in the corner of the dining room while she and my mom talked. After that, she went into a nursing home due to strokes and was there for over two decades. I was simply too young to have much of any impression of her beyond the confines of her bed. Still, these pictures and the things in this house were precious beyond measure to my mother and my sister.

Things have to go. Despite the fact that we will only get dimes on the dollars spent to collect this stuff, it isn’t going home with me. I have no desire to spend the time it would take to properly market all of this stuff. I am going to line up a company to come in and auction it off. There is no other reasonable way. I spent two days trying to visualize where I would put some of this furniture in my house and it finally came to me, no where.

What has been a delight this trip is the visits from friends and offers to help in the house. I got an outside perspective on my sister, and some fun trips down memory lane. It’s much colder here than at home and there is snow on the ground, so I’ve even gotten a taste of white winter. Best of all, I had a great time signing copies of Rhyaden at Barnes & Noble. Thanks to all who came out!

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