At my recent book signing, a little girl came through the front door of the store and her eyes grew big and round. In a loud voice, she yelled out, “A book!” Her mother quickly tried to shush her, but to no avail. “I want a book!” She must have been all of three. She made my day. Barnes and Noble did a great job promoting my Rhyaden event. What a fun day!

A lot has been accomplished in the cleaning out and sorting at my mother’s house – this time around. There is, of course, a huge amount of work yet to be done, but I can see things falling into place which makes it feel okay to leave. I’ll be back, next time with reinforcements.

It snowed in the night, so all that I shoveled yesterday has another coat of white on it. I also have to broom off the car, something I don’t have to do at home. I was thinking about the irony of having a garage that never once in 60 years housed a car. My parent’s garage started out as a place with a ping-pong table and my dad’s tools, but it became a true man-cave as the ping-pong table had to go to make way for more tools, table saws, specimen cabinets, etc. Then my sister really got into warehousing supplies for the house. I wonder if the new owner will actually put a car in there.

A new owner. This house was built for my parents, to their specifications, for them to grow old in. That’s exactly what they did, too. Now it’s time for another family to find joy here, to build a fire in the family room, to smell the roses in summer, to watch the neighborhood comings and goings out the big picture window. I wish them well.

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