Long Process

Oh my gosh, it happened. In January. I got my wish for moisture and I don’t have to shovel it! Rain instead of snow. This is hard to believe. All day it’s been coming down in a slow drizzly rain that doesn’t run off. It might be my imagination, but I think the grass already looks yellow instead of crunchy brown.

I’ve been re-organizing the office, shredding old files, and just doing an overhaul. Amazing how this constantly needs done. You’d think once every five years ought to suffice, but no, I have to keep doing it every six months – at least.

Still drizzling. What a sight.

How many of you have written 2018 on a check or some such already this year? It usually happens to me about February. I hardly write any checks anymore, so it will be interesting to see what kind of document I’m signing when the old number sneaks up.

My writing seems to be pretty much back on track. I’m amazed at how much editing I need. For all of you aspiring writers, please don’t feel threatened by critique. It so helps to have other eyes on your work. My work, at least, gets better and better the more it is seen. I remember that initial “getting it out there” feeling of not wanting to show it to anyone. It had to be good and I didn’t want anyone saying it wasn’t. Oh my my my, how much better my writing has gotten since then, and how much I didn’t know then and have yet to learn now. Mind boggling.

Taking care of an estate is a long, slow process. Bit by bit. I will say that getting to know the neighbors who lived on both sides of my parents has been a pleasure. They have been thoughtful and generous to me, from allowing me to use their trash dumpster to inviting me to dinner when I’m there sorting. Such wonderful kindness makes the world go round.

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