Out of Storage

Spring-like weather spoiled me for a few days, raising hopes for getting some outside work done. Not so fast. Rein in the horses. Curb the dream. It’s January in Colorado after-all. My goal needs to stay centered around snow-shoeing for the time being. I went to the store early and I’m glad. It drizzled shortly after returning.

My eye is not 100% yet. There is a veil of blood spots and dancing floaters that will be absorbed eventually. The Dr. said that will take a couple of months, but I am fine and the couple lazy days that I didn’t write were still productive – just in different ways. One more trip to the Doc in a couple of weeks to be sure. Eye sight is so precious. My father had macular degeneration in his later years, and the resulting depression after he lost his drivers license and hence – his freedom – took him down the drain, both physically and emotionally. I don’t wish that on anyone, and I don’t want it for me. I like road trips!

Tax work. Organization. Sorting. More tax work. More organization. More sorting. I’m awfully glad for the fun trips I have planned, they break up the monotony of the estate and tax work to be done. I know settling an estate takes time as well as an emotional toll, but like all children, I want to be there (at the end of the journey) now. My son counseled me to slow down, take a breath, let it unfold. Kind of nice when your children give good advice back to you.

I got my sister’s self-portrait hung in its temporary home. I smile every time I walk by. It will eventually go to my nephew, but for a while anyway, I get to hang it at my house. It has been in storage for forty years.pam self-portrait

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