Winter Stopped In

The kitchen is “nearly” back together, partially cleaned, and I am totally glad to have the construction over with. I love projects and then I hate the feeling of being invaded and out of control. I think I love projects that I do, not so much the ones that require others to come in and do the work. However, I am not a carpenter, so… suck it up buttercup. It turned out completely awesome and gorgeous and totally worth the inconvenience and the dust. 

It snowed! Real, actual, have to shovel it wet snow. 5” of good moisture. The rumble of the neighbor’s snow blower before he left for work was truly a good sound to hear. Gentle flakes fell straight down making the outdoors look like a scene from a Christmas card for the first time this winter. Woot! as the kids would say. I said woot until I had to shovel it. Turns out that heavy five inches was more than my back really wanted to deal with. I took it in stages, and the sun came out and helped too.

We found many of my dad’s old PI cases as we sorted through Mom’s house. I am going to read through them to get the best feel possible for his character as an FBI agent and later a Private Investigator – before I finish my current book, “Compass Point.” I knew my dad as my dad, and in later years as a rock hound and grandpa, but he retired from the Bureau when I graduated from high school. He did not discuss cases with us kids, even when he was retired and we were older. His love for petrified wood had taken over by the time I was old enough and mature enough to have appreciated hearing the stories. Fortunately, he taped his favorite stories and I have those tapes. Now, with those and the cases to read over, I’m hoping to put a good sense of his character into my book. That’s my goal at any rate.

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