The Vortex!

How the days fill up and flit by. I am left feeling I’m in a tiny tornado. Time is flying. I think when you’re a kid, time rides on a donkey cart. When you have kids, you realize your cart is now a train, and by the time grandkids come along, it found a jet to hitch to.

My nephew arrived from Germany. We have lots of catching up to do, a couple of birthdays to celebrate, and then we’ll head over the hill to sort and clean at my mom’s house. “To grandmother’s house we go,” and go and go. There’s enough snow in the mountains, if we just had a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer to make the trip more fun.

Customs at the airport took a long time. They didn’t have enough agents working to cover all of the scheduled flights. Go figure. We finally made it back to the house. I cooked while they settled in. We ate. They showered. They fell asleep. They had hoped to stay up till 9pm, but by eight they were done for and disappeared.

The Polar Vortex has lifted. Thank Goodness. Mother Nature can certainly rear up her head and give us a not so gentle reminder of who is not in charge. That would be us. My prayers are with all those who have suffered so terribly from this cold and snow and flooding. A cousin of mine moved from South Carolina to Ohio and learned that snow shovels are indeed a necessary item to have, and that there are places you can’t wear flip-flops year round. I love it. She has met warm hearted people and lives close to grandchildren now. That’s enough to stave off the chill of any Polar Vortex.

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