The Process!

We drove to the mountains on a fifty degree day. There was not much snow where we went, but we were surprised by a sudden snow squall as we hiked. We saw it in the distance behind us and I truly thought we had an hour before it reached us. No no no, with in five minutes it was on us, the wind howling and the snowflakes pelting us from the side. Complete white-out spooked us for about a half hour, then the sun came out and the sky turned back to brilliant blue. That’s Colorado for you.

My nephew was successful in renewing his driver’s license. I’d like to say, ‘One’ more thing on his check list done, however it was a daunting – 4 part process, 4 steps with money due at each step of the way, but – now he is legal on all continents. Woohoo! Now I’m going to attempt to get a replacement title for my dad’s pickup. All of these little details sure take one’s time. I also realized I need to get my sister’s social security number off of the accounts that are still open. I don’t want a 1099 coming under her name next year.

Just as a reminder: Valentines Day is coming and both ‘Rhyaden’ and the Badger Books make great gifts for kids. Visit my web site: to have a look at the books or purchase them. Also, think about them for gifts for coming vacations or birthdays.

I’m about to get a couple of days with my grandsons. Awesome! They are growing so fast. I know all kids grow fast, but I really don’t want my grandkids to. I’m sure they would argue that point with me, (I did with my dad) but some day they’ll understand why.

Pure chaos. The boys and the house. We found a leak under the kitchen sink so have to call a plumber. Too much to sort out. No place to put it. I am overwhelmed each time I come. Sleep. Hopefully a night’s sleep will help.

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