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Progress. We made some organizational decisions in my parent’s house and that helps the sorting process. On my next trip, I believe we’ll be able to reduce the storage units from three to two. Another load of clothing has gone to charity. I almost said final load, but after that trip we found more clothes in the utility room above the dryer. Those will go another day. I have taken the pressure off myself and decided the estate sale may not happen in 2019. Perhaps 2020.

One piece of my dad’s rock polishing equipment went to its new owner. Talk about heavy! It took four of us to lift it into the bed of his pickup. Thank goodness I had my niece and nephew here. After the next pieces go, we will be able to bring more things from the storage units here to the house. We’ve been up in the attic and under the house and ‘thankfully!’ found nothing either place.

My nephew worked in the cold garage much of the time. He unearthed many of our childhood treasures such as my leather holster and pistol set that looked just like those Roy Rogers wore. I cannot fathom the hours I wore that holster, galloping around the yard or through the house. There was also the wooden rifle my dad made for his grandsons. By its wear and tear, I think it might have been used as a club a time or two.

The bitter-sweet find of this trip has been the artwork my sister Penny did thirty to forty years ago and then packed away. She was as talented as my oldest sister, Pam, and I never knew it. That work is going home with me, to be framed and hung. I knew she pursued a lot of different kinds of craft, from basketweaving to spinning and weaving wool, but I never saw these drawings and water colors. I was stunned to tears. At least I have finally found a way to honor her.

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