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From the response I’ve received, I can tell my readers are enjoying my sister Penny’s art, so for the time being, I will continue to share her work. The one pictured below is one of the earliest drawings we have found so far, done before she graduated high school. There are still three more portfolios to go through, but that won’t happen until I return in March.

We got about 25 snowflakes. Perhaps we’ll get more in the night though the forecast doesn’t show that happening.

Next morning: We ended up with a skiff of snow and an extremely frigid temperature to go with it. Not exactly what I ordered.

The bathroom painting project is not going as I’d hoped. I did not get the effect I was going for. I’m going to experiment a bit this week, and I have made a back-up plan – short of gutting the room and calling in the experts. Turmoil for longer than I like – but what can you do? Have to see it through. It will work out eventually.

My oldest granddaughter was here for a day. The temperature was too cold to do anything outside, so we made do playing cards, ping-pong (she’s getting a killer serve perfected), and watching our favorite baking show. I got a little work done, but all in all, we just cozied up and enjoyed our day off. Hot chocolate and all! Then I got the other two granddaughters for a morning, and that meant I enjoyed a tea party also this week. What more could I ask for in this weather?IMG_0202

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