There is an oxymoronic twist to attaining the age of sixty-five. A person is then eligible for Medicare, which greatly reduces the monthly health insurance expenses – WONDERFUL – but it also means you are NOW sixty-five! Yikes. It’s a crock of s…, okay I’m not going to say it, but I’m sure thinking it every time I get out of a chair.

The bathroom is slowly, ever so slowly coming together. I did try a green that turned out to be way out of character for the mirror frames. The second color is far friendlier to the eye. The hardware and trim pieces have arrived but they are going to have to wait patiently. I haven’t picked out the light fixtures or valance fabric. All in good time. All in good time.

Because – I am going on vacation, fleeing the cold and turning into a snow bird for a little while. Therefore, there won’t be any blogs for the next ten days. It was a well thought out decision not to take my laptop, not to work on anything such as work while I’m gone, that took all of three seconds to make. I’m going tech-less except for the phone. I’m going to try and not think about all that has yet to be done at my parent’s house, and in my bathroom, and the taxes, and and and.

Here are my plans. Hiking, kayaking, swimming with manatees, wedding planning for my great-niece, visiting, staying up way too late talking, sleeping in, and basking in the warmth. I’ll report in afterwards which of those actually happens. It would be some kind of miracle if all of them happened.

I’ve been trying to show a wide variety of my sister’s art. Here is a sweet one that makes me think of Mom.IMG_0212

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