My trip to the warmth of Florida during a very cold spell in Colorado turned out to be exactly what a person hopes for when they fly off like a snowbird. Excellent timing. I couldn’t have planned it any better. Of course, the pile of mail, e-mails, and assorted tasks to get caught up tends to take the shine off of getting away. Oh well.

Every other day we kayaked on rivers near Tampa. The list of birds and wildlife that we saw is long. Some are rare to see, such as the Kingfisher. Others, though common like the Ibis, are beautiful when the backdrop is lovely green foliage, wildflowers, and clear water. We lost track of how many alligators we saw along the river, sunning themselves on logs and sand bars. The same for the red eared sliders and yellow bellied turtles, blue herons and cattle egrets. We saw a granddaddy of a wood stork, one manatee, one banded water snake, and the most lovely roseate spoonbill. Limpkins, Sand hill cranes, Ospreys, Swallow tailed Kites, Cattle Egrets, and Tricolored Herons round out the list.

One day was spent at the dentist. My niece had to have an emergency tooth extraction. Such pain! and such relief when it was over! She was back in the kayak the next day though, and that turned out to be the best excursion of all. We also explored Spanish Point (on foot), a lovely historical park near Sarasota. Though my great niece’s wedding is a ways off yet, we were scouting possible venues for the future. I personally saw several beautiful places in the Preserve. Only kayakers could get there, but hey, that eliminates a whole lot of guests and expense. Haha. Those who don’t kayak might not appreciate my humor, but I have to say, it was gorgeous. IMG_0251

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