Blizzard Warning

Was it the change in weather, from warm and humid to cold and dry that brought on this dreadful cold I now have? Or possibly being inside a germ-tube airplane with hundreds of other people for several hours. I’ve made it through the entire winter without succumbing to sickness, but this got me, slammed me upside the head with a two x four, and here I sit in my recliner with steaming tea, alternating between too cold and too hot. I’m trying to ignore it, and not doing a very good job of that at all.

The worst aspect of it is that I was supposed to do a program for children in a library out of town. I prepped, packed and prepared for it. I hoped to get better quick, because there is five hours of driving required to get there and back. Alas, not to be. I had to reschedule for April. Right now, I couldn’t drive five minutes to the local Target for an aspirin.

I’m staring out the living room window at my back yard. A plan is forming in my head that includes removing all of the grass from the slope, terracing where the grass is now and planting flowers, some vegetables, and lots more flowers. What I really need right now is help with the plan. In the past, I’ve been content to do things slowly, but there seems to be a feeling of ‘get it done so I can enjoy it’ driving me now. Perhaps it is losing my mother and sister last fall. I don’t know, but this feeling is certainly different from my normal DIY mode.

The weather forecasters have predicted a blizzard. How lovely – sorry about the sarcasm. It is warm and calm, the perfect precursor for a storm. Actually it would be a perfect day to work in the yard – however, I have a cold and my head is pounding. A spring blizzard is always dreadful for the baby calves. I can’t help but worry.IMG_0215

More of my sister’s art.

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