Happy St. Pat’s

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Sadly, there is no sparkly green parade in our town this year.

Though this picture from Penny’s portfolio was unfinished, it’s all there.

IMG_0217 One of my children’s in-laws has recently been moved to Hospice. My first thought was, ‘OMG, here we go again.’ It’s been six months since my mother, followed by my sister, passed away. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to take the burden away for my children. Most everyone has to go through losing their parents. Being the fixer that I am, I wish I could help – some how. Emotional support and love, being there, is all there is to give. It doesn’t seem like enough.

Thanks for the well wishes I received. I’m feeling much better; my cold symptoms are gone, but I fear I gave them to my daughter-in-law and grandkids. Not a nice gift. My family all lived through the bomb cyclone and blizzard. I shoveled some paths through the heavy, wet snow, but I’m leaving the bulk of the driveway to mother nature. Expected temps are in the fifties and higher.

My crazy (winter long) bathroom project is beginning to look like I’m making some progress. I have all of the remaining parts here or ordered. Specialists came to remove my shower door and repair the tile. They did a great job because I can’t even tell where the holes were. I’ll be without a shower for ten days, but there is a shower in my guest bath, so no biggie. I repainted one area on the ceiling that got missed, and I’m still trying to figure out the window treatment for the bathroom and the bedroom. That’s how it goes. Step by step.

I’m finally going snow-shoeing today for first time this winter. (Crazy that I kayaked two weeks ago before getting out in the snow.) This is the first time there has been enough snow in the area that’s close by (only an hour’s drive away), a good friend to go with me, and a warm sunny day with nothing on the agenda. I’m outta here!

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