The progress was slow and my foot hurt. Can I whine a little more? Actually, I can point to several things that got accomplished on this latest trip to my mother’s home, 14 boxes of old paper records taken to the shredder, and some decisions about what to let the sale people handle. I’ve pretty well made up my mind about what furniture to sell, despite their being in the family for multi-generations. It’s sure not easy to let them go. We came across some wonderful vinyl and we are keeping those for the entertainment value. Furniture I don’t need. Seven sets of dishes I don’t need.

The good news is that it has rained quite a bit, so the lawn at Mom’s house is greening up without being watered. There is no automatic sprinkling system, so it will be hit and miss as far as watering this year until the house gets sold. It’s so odd to think about selling it, so I’m framing it in terms of an opportunity for children to play in this great big yard again. I hope that’s what eventually happens.

My son-in-law has not been given the option of going through his parent’s things slowly, as I am. He must move quickly to sell their house in order to care for his mother. It has been brutal. His mom has so much loss to contend with, her husband, her pets, her house. How she will do in her new setting is unknown. I can only imagine the heartache and sorrow taking a devastating toll.

Some questions of late. How do we humans find our humanity, our balance with the others in our species? We have a long history of brutality, greed, corruption, war, slavery, you name it, but we also have incredible art, compassion, love for our families, and kindness toward those less fortunate. And my second question is: how do we take care of our planet? Those same evil forces of greed and corruption deny mankind’s impact on Earth when the proof of our impact has been documented since the late 1700’s. How do we teach doing what is right?

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